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I produced a Christmas card for winter collection for a design company in 2009.
This is a card that loved ones around me in each one’s form are drawn.
I produced this card to make a wish that people will spend happy Christmas with their loved ones.
You can write message on the back side of the card.
This is one of my favorite work what I've ever done so far.
I want to submit this for the art competition. 
But, COMMERCIAL art works are not eligible.
It was a shame that I couldn’t submit those card to the competition because it used to be commercial.
I came up with some idea. 
I thought it would be wonderful if I could use defected cards.
That’s why I started to draw new people on the back side of defected card.
Even though the card has the same form, It is recreated as a new piece of work because It has new drawing on it.
This is exactly UNCOMMERCIAL fine art work.
I'm still working on this project. 
This work can be more interesting, because people on the card really exist around me. 
Those people in my everyday life bring joyful inspiration. 
I truly hope you will find yourself and loved ones around you like a friend, family and lover. 
Also I hope to share the pleasures with all.